Duolun Technology Escorted the 2024 Nanjing Jiangning University Town Half Marathon-多伦科技
Duolun Technology Escorted the 2024 Nanjing Jiangning University Town Half Marathon


On March 24, with the sound of the starting pistol, the 2024 Nanjing Jiangning University Town Half Marathon began at the Jiangning University Town Sports Center, Jiangning High-tech Development Zone, with over ten thousand marathon enthusiasts gathering in beautiful Jiangning, experiencing this district’s youth and vitality in a running manner. Duolun Technology’s smart transportation team served as the tech escort for the event, making sure each player would run efficiently with distinguished movement patterns and gain good results.


The race course involves more than 20 roads in Jiangning District such as Gezhi Road, Hongjing Avenue, Zhilan Road, Jiyin Road, Lize Road and Rihui Road. After on-site inspection and comprehensive assessment, Duolun Technology assisted the Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau in formulating the detailed support plan for traffic signal timing along the marathon route.

Full Preparation before the Race


Prior to the event, Duolun Technology made a complete and thorough plan and survey of the race course and uncontrolled areas to better perceive and handle the traffic conditions on race day in all respects. Traffic organization optimization, microscopic traffic simulation and other means were adopted to complete the stability test of at least 20 race routes and 100 traffic light intersections, thus ensuring the traffic order on the day of the contest to the maximum extent.  


Powerful Safeguard during the Race



On race day, the smart transportation team was divided into two groups. Several technical engineers were designated to monitor the whole process in real time at the Traffic Police Brigade Command Center of Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau to minimize the impacts of the marathon race on the normal travel of surrounding citizens. The rest of the group supported the traffic control department in unlocking roads gradually and restoring normal traffic order. The other group arranged for emergency personnel involved in the race to perfect the road traffic safety facilities and network maintenance in roads along the marathon route and uncontrolled areas, jointly assisting the Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau in ensuring traffic safety on all fronts.


Supporter in Keeping Jiangning’s Transportation Smooth

Duolun Technology cooperated with the Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau to establish the Intelligent Transportation Joint Research Laboratory and became its member. Grounded on the long-lasting traffic scene of Jiangning District, the company has designed specifically a set of systematically smart transportation solutions, successively developed and implemented the Jiangning traffic operation situation analysis system, traffic big data application platform, moving-car alarm situation analysis system, traffic information comprehensive release system, intelligent checkpoint prevention and control platform and actual combat platform integrated by information, commands and actions. Currently, Duolun Technology is continuing to study the research and judgment model of traffic data, and complete the development of big data-based visual command and dispatch scene subject to the actual traffic demands of Jiangning.

Livelihood projects including the fine management of small and micro jammed roadways, the celebrated intersection in Baijiahu, and Jinsheng Road Tidal Lane are jointly made by both parties and are the outcomes of the Intelligent Transportation Joint Research Laboratory, providing excellent examples for the improvement of smart transportation management ability and innovation skills in Jiangning District.

Nanjing Jiangning University Town Half Marathon acts as a platform for Jiangning to build its city brand, display its image to the world and enhance its influence. High-tech means are employed by Duolun Technology to support traffic management and escort the marathon race. Maintaining the overall traffic smooth and orderly, the company further verifies its smart transportation solutions are feasible and effective.

In the days ahead, Duolun Technology will continue to promote technological innovation and product upgrading, and further the integration of 5G, AI, big data, digital twin and other cutting-edge technologies to continuously explore the smart application of Jiangning traffic management upgrading and integrated innovative results, thus fostering new growth drivers in science and technology for Jiangning in pursuing Chinese path to modernization.

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