Mr. Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology, was Invited to Attend the China EV100 and Deliver a Keynote Speech-多伦科技
Mr. Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology, was Invited to Attend the China EV100 and Deliver a Keynote Speech

From March 15 to 17, 2024, China EV100 Forum 2024 was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Mr. Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech on “New Opportunities for Automotive Inspection Talents in the Era of NEV Technological Transformation” at the Forum on New Automotive Ecosystem. Mr. Wang Lefeng, General Manager of J-Blue Tech, a subsidiary of Duolun Technology, attended the founding ceremony of the Industry-Education Integration Community of the National Intelligent NEV Aftermarket Sector as the representative of the chairing unit.




In 2023, the Chinese automotive industry witnessed prosperous production and sales, and the rapid development of NEVs, bringing new hopes and higher starting points for 2024. At the same time, the new energy industry and intelligent automotive industry have entered a new stage, with more active technological and commercial innovations, fiercer international competition, and deeper cross-industry integration.


At this forum, representatives from global government departments, industry organizations, and leading companies in the automotive, energy, transportation, urban, and communication sectors engaged in lively discussions on various topics, including the new development situation of the global automotive industry, new directions in the development of ICVs, innovation of the power battery industry, technical applications of high computing power, large-scale modeling, and big data, charging infrastructure construction, and the establishment of a service-oriented automotive ecosystem.




The Automotive New Ecology Sub-Forum, held concurrently, was hosted by the China EV100 and co-organized by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., and chaired by Mr. Yan Fengmin, Vice Chairman of the China Association for Consumer Products Quality and Safety Promotion, former Director-General of the Enforcement and Inspection Department of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and former Deputy Director-General of the Network Transaction Supervision Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation.



Mr. Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology, is making a keynote speech.




NEV Development Is a Crucial Manifestation of Harnessing New Productive Forces


The 2024 Government Work Report reiterates the importance of “consolidating and expanding the advantages of intelligent connected NEVs development. As an emerging industry that embodies new productive forces, the NEV industry has assumed a significant responsibility in Chinas pursuit of high-quality development, showcasing its role as a pivotal new growth driver.


During the forum, Mr. Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology, said, “Annual NEV inspection plays a crucial role in the ecological chain and serves as a vital means to ensure vehicle operational safety. However, the industry currently faces challenges such as relatively low industry concentration, lagging technological capabilities, and a shortage of specialized talents.




Meanwhile, as a leading enterprise in road traffic safety, Duolun Technology has been actively exploring the national brand chain, the integrated business model of “light, storage, charging and inspection”, the cutting-edge research on NEV safety inspection technology and equipment, as well as the training of NEV aftermarket professionals.


Lastly, Mr. Zhang Anqiang succinctly highlighted the three significant opportunities that the technological revolution of NEVs brings to the field of vehicle inspection. He also made an appeal for more schools and educational institutions to provide talent education tailored to the NEV inspection. He expressed Duolun Technology’s determination to collaborate with industry clients and partners, utilizing platforms such as Duolun Vehicle Inspection Group and J-Blue Tech to establish a high-quality NEV testing system and foster the prosperous development of the NEV industry in terms of talent development, industry transformation and technology research.



Industry-Education Integration Community Builds a Solid Foundation, Reinforces the Supply Chain and Empowers Industrial Development


According to reports, the founding ceremony of the Industry-Education Integration Community of the National Intelligent NEV Aftermarket Sector was successfully held at the China EV100 Forum 2024. Mr. Wang Lefeng, General Manager of J-Blue Tech, a subsidiary of Duolun Technology, attended the event on behalf of the company.





Under the guidance of the Department of Vocational and Adult Education, the Ministry of Education, the community was established, led by China Certification & Inspection Group, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., Chang’an University, and Shenzhen Polytechnic University. The founding ceremony was attended by industry leaders such as China EV100, Duolun Technology, DaSouChe, Ping An Bank, and Tuhu Automotive Service as chairing units of the community.


The community aims to integrate high-quality resources from the industry to create an intelligent NEV aftermarket vocational education platform focusing on promoting production through education, assisting education through production, industry-education integration, and industry-academia collaboration, and establishing a mechanism for aligning industry-education supply and demand. Currently, more than 100 vocational colleges, universities, upstream and downstream enterprises, research institutions, and industry organizations have joined the consortium, covering 24 provinces and municipalities across China. The collaboration between educational institutions and enterprises, as well as the coordination of industry and education resources, are progressing smoothly, which provides technical services and talent support for the development of China’s intelligent NEV industry.



With an Unwavering Commitment, Duolun Technology is Dedicated to Driving High-quality NEV Development with Its Remarkable Capabilities


China EV100 Forum is a strong affirmation and recognition of the company's achievements in scientific research and development, industrial collaboration, and market innovation in the NEV aftermarket.


In the future, Duolun Technology will accelerate breakthroughs in key technologies related to NEV testing. With an open and collaborative approach, the company will work together with industry partners to foster equipment R&D and iterative innovation of common technology. Simultaneously, by incorporating real-world scenarios of NEV testing, Duolun Technology will facilitate the establishment of a talent development system that closely aligns with the industrial and innovation chains, enabling the provision of technical services, talent support, and innovative solutions for the development of China’s intelligent NEV industry.


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