J-Blue Tech, a Subsidiary of Duolun Technology, Was Granted the Inspection Report for Special Equipment for Safety Technology Inspection of Electric Vehicles, Becoming One of the First Companies in th-多伦科技
J-Blue Tech, a Subsidiary of Duolun Technology, Was Granted the Inspection Report for Special Equipment for Safety Technology Inspection of Electric Vehicles, Becoming One of the First Companies in th

Recently, J-Blue Tech, a subsidiary of Duolun Technology, was granted the inspection report for Special Equipment for Safety Technology Inspection of Electric Vehicles, becoming one of the first companies in China to obtain such national certification. It marked an important breakthrough of Duolun Technology in the field of safety technology inspection of electric vehicles and a key step forward in building a new model of annual inspection for safe operation of new energy vehicles (NEVs).



Taking the Lead in Passing Inspection Through Participation in a National Program

Safety technology inspection is gaining increasing importance with the rapid development of the electric vehicle market. In 2023, Duolun Technology, as a representative of inspection agencies in the National Standard Setting Committee for Operation Safety Inspection of New Energy Vehicles, together with its subsidiary J-Blue Tech, participated in the national major project Research on Inspection Technology and Equipment for NEV Operational Safety Performance launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Other participants included the Traffic Management Research Institute (TMRI) of the Ministry of Public Security and other members of the aforementioned National Standard Setting Committee. The project was aimed at ensuring the safety performance of electric vehicles and the driving safety of car owners. In the end, the project successfully passed the national acceptance.


Through this project, the company developed three sets of NEV inspection equipment, namely safety inspection equipment, power battery and vehicle safety inspection equipment, and OBD inspection equipment. With ongoing efforts to improve the performance stability and quality reliability of the equipment, Duolun Technology was among the first companies in the country to pass the stringent inspection of the TMRI and was thus awarded this important inspection report.

Promoting Safety Inspection of NEVs by Leveraging Brand Advantages

As a nationwide large-scale motor vehicle chain inspection institution, Duolun Technology has long been committed to promoting the establishment of an NEV safety inspection system and the development of the NEV safety inspection industry with practical moves.


In 2023, the company participated in a national key R&D program launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, namely New Energy Vehicle Operation Safety Inspection Technology System and Platform R&D and Application Verification. In doing so, it has contributed greatly to the creation of a Chinese approach of vehicle operation safety inspection featuring “online proactive warning and offline elimination of hidden dangers”. In the same year, Duolun Technology was approved as the deputy leader unit of the Technical Working Group for Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection of the China Road Safety Association (CRSA).


In 2024, the chairman of Duolun Technology was invited to attend the China EV100 Forum and delivered a keynote speech on New Opportunities for Vehicle Inspection Talents Brought by New Energy Vehicle Technological Revolution at the Forum on New Automotive Ecosystem. He called on schools to cultivate professionals for NEV inspection in order to promote sustainable industrial development.

Intensifying R&D Efforts to Boost High-quality Industrial Development

The granting of the inspection report not merely represents recognition and affirmation of the company's technical strength and product quality. In the future, the company will continuously intensify R&D efforts, pay close attention to the trends of electric vehicle safety technology inspection, and keep up with changes in market demands. Through constant technology and product innovation, it will work to boost the development of the electric vehicle safety technology inspection industry for the ultimate purpose of ensuring the safety of electric vehicles.

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