"Big" Means Tenderness and Wisdom Promotes Warmth The Size of Nanjing's Traffic Lights has Sparked Heated Discussion Online-多伦科技
"Big" Means Tenderness and Wisdom Promotes Warmth The Size of Nanjing's Traffic Lights has Sparked Heated Discussion Online

"Are all the traffic lights in Nanjing so big?”During the Spring Festival in 2023, a foreign netizen visiting Nanjing was surprised by the size of the traffic lights, and then posted a video online, which received responses from nearly 2,000 netizens and then was reported by Jiangning Release, Nanjing Daily and other media. It triggered tens of thousands of netizens to discuss.



On January 23, netizen @ Gu Jintu posted a video on TikTok, asking "Are all the traffic lights in Nanjing so big?” As of February 7, the video had received responses from 1,994 netizens. Netizen @ meat-loving cub said: big traffic lights in Nanjing are particularly friendly to near-sighted guys. Netizen @ Ellipsis also said regardless of the signal light, the countdown timer screen is also very big in Nanjing, and you can step on the accelerator in advance to control the speed.

A netizen @A miao, a professional car test driver who has driven in many cities due to his work, but he is deeply impressed by Nanjing. He posted a video as early as 2022. In the video, he said, "Most intersections have lights to countdown, and the countdown card is so big that it is very convenient for driving.”



Screenshots of Comments from Netizens


Big Means Tenderness

Small Details Highlight the "People-oriented" Philosophy


According to the relevant person in charge of the order management brigade of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the size of the signal light should follow the national standard, which has three specifications in line with the size of the lampshade. The diameters are 200 mm, 300 mm and 400 mm, "we use 400mm in Nanjing, which is the upper limit of the national standard.


More than that, in 2004, entrusted by the Ministry of Public Security, the Science and Technology Department of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the traffic patrol detachment of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, together with Duolun Technology and other units jointly draft the national standard of "Road Traffic Counting Down Display Unit". Therefore, Nanjing is also one of the first cities in China to use signal light counting down display units. Back in the 1990s, such display units were installed at many intersections.


Duolun Technology then continued to participate in revising the national standard in 2014. At present, the size of signal light counting down display units in Nanjing is 1250 mm × 950 mm, and the word height is 780 mm, which belongs to the "large specification" of the national standard. Guo Kai, policeman of the order management brigade of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau also revealed that the national standard is not mandatory, and there are not many cities like Nanjing using such big display units.



Participated in the Drafting of the National Standard of "Road Traffic Counting Down Display Unit"


Smart Travel

Local Enterprise Duolun Technology Grows in Coexistence with Nanjing


The viral signal light in Nanjing not only makes the humanistic feelings of Nanjing "become a household name", but also drives Duolun Technology frequently "appear" as a signal light manufacturer in the comments.




Duolun Technology, a local enterprise established in Nanjing, has participated in the formulation of the national standard of "Road Traffic Counting Down Display Unit". It also tends to move forward with the development of Nanjing's urban road.


Currently, the company has completed the application of signal light control systems at more than 1,500 intersections only in Jiangning District. The LED optical signal light, LED traffic signal light and integrated design signal light independently developed by the company have successively obtained more than ten patents, and won the honorary certification of a famous trademark in Jiangsu Province.





Aging Signal Lights in the Duolun Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Base


In recent years, as important cooperation in the field of intelligent transportation of the Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the company has also independently developed a series of front-end systems such as a traffic guidance screen control system, stream self-detection signal and self-timing, smart luminous zebra crossing, and a series of back-end systems such as "the situation analysis platform for vehicle moving" and "traffic big data application platform". Related solutions won the award of "Strengthening Police by Science and Technology", and frequently appeared at various kinds of on-site traffic meetings, which can create "internet celebrity products" through science and technology again and again, and can also help the "smart travel" of Nanjing citizens.


As an enterprise "rooted and growing in Nanjing", under the leadership of governments at all levels in Nanjing, Duolun Technology has committed to the research and development of more technology products conducive to the urban travel environment and travel quality via the police and enterprise cooperation for a long time.


In the future, Duolun Technology will step up its cooperation with Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau to continue to comprehensively improve the technical content and construction level of intelligent transportation with the new generation of information technology means, to add scientific and technological power to the demonstration image of intelligent transportation of Nanjing in the whole country.

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