An Inspection Team from LUNAN TOUZI Visiting Duolun Technology-多伦科技
An Inspection Team from LUNAN TOUZI Visiting Duolun Technology

On February 6, 2023, Ge Yun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Lunan (Zaozhuang) Economic Development and Investment Co., LTD (LUNAN TOUZI), Zhang Wei, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of LUNAN TOUZI, Xu Dechao, chairman of Shandong Jinyi Smart City Construction Co., Ltd, and other delegation members visited Duolun Technology for guidance, accompanied by Su Feng, chairman of Duolun Information Technology Co.,Ltd. 



The Inspection Team Visiting the Intelligent Manufacturing Base




Visiting Dolun Technology Headquarters and Industrial Exhibition Hall


Liu Wei from Duolun Technology Investment Management Center introduced the industry development and market outlook of new energy charging piles to the leaders and made a systematic introduction to the above products and their installation schemes.



Liu Wei from Duolun Technology Investment Management Center



Yang Zhikui, Head of Duolun Information Product Department 


Next, Yang Zhikui, head of Duolun Information Product Department, made a special report on urban parking management such as in-road parking management, enclosed parking lot management, shared parking, and integrated in-road and off-road parking, combining with the scheme concept and structural planning of urban parking. At the conference, the two sides conducted further targeted exchanges and discussions on key cooperation such as urban smart parking projects, parking big data platforms, and new energy charging piles.


Ge Yun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of LUNAN TOUZI


At the meeting, Ge Yun said they had a deeper understanding of Duolun Technology's supply chain, core technology and industrial development by visiting its intelligent manufacturing base and exhibition hall for smart development results, and highly affirmed the strength of Duolun Technology and the whole-chain development of Duolun Information Technology Co.,Ltd., expressing increasing mutual learning and exchanges in the future and accelerated cooperation and development between the two sides.


Both sides will define the localization needs through field investigation and investigation, as well as discussion and communication, focusing on urban construction and management improvement starting from the "small matter of people's livelihood" of parking, thus promoting the creation of a civilized city of Zaozhuang with the support of science and technology.

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