“Starting from Heart, We Never Stop” The First Online 2020 Annual Review and Commendatory Conference of Duolun Technology-多伦科技
“Starting from Heart, We Never Stop” The First Online 2020 Annual Review and Commendatory Conference of Duolun Technology

Discover opportunities in challenges and seek development in transformation. The first online 2020 annual review and commendatory conference of Duolun Technology was held on January 16, 2021. 




With a topic of “Starting from Heart, We Never Stop”, the conference took the forms of live webcast and online conference room to broadcast in real time. More than 3,000 employees, including employees from Nanjing headquarters, 13 branches/offices and more than 50 vehicle inspection stations all over the country, watched the conference online or offline.




The principal of core departments in Duolun Technology were invited to deliver a speech to review the business in 2020 and plan the work in 2021.



Zhang Tiemin, Vice President and General Manager of Driving Safety Business Department of Duolun Technology


Zhang Tiemin, Vice President and General Manager of Driving Safety Business Department of Duolun Technology, reviewed the 2020 development of the company’s core business (intelligent vehicle management and intelligent driver training) with data and images. In the past year, the business department has continuously extended its work from driver test to vehicle and driving management and made immediate actions to implement the sampling whole-system smart driver training sample to lay a solid foundation for future promotion across the country.In 2021, the business department will focus on the key areas with increased performance, provide the service mode of smart driver training brand, and make the preliminary market strategic arrangement for building the national smart driver training environment in 2023-2025.




Song Zhi and Ruan Wei Were Speaking at the Conferece


Sticking to the topic of “improving service and creating the future in an intelligent way”, Song Zhi, General Manager of intelligent manufacturing base, summarized the key words of development in 2021 from four aspects (the positioning of manufacturing base, the function of the base, the core competitive advantage and the management improvement). The key words are: core technology and creative changes. Mr. Song concluded that “In 2021, the intelligent manufacturing base will improve product quality by better management and support the overall development of business by better quality.

Beginning with several stories, Ruan Wei, Vice President of Duolun Technology, introduced the four major chapters of his speech in depth: bearing dreams in mind, being grateful for the process, positive incentive, and enjoying change, which triggered audience’s resonance and won their applause.



Zheng Jian, General Manager of Shandong Duolun Vehicle Inspection Holding Co., Ltd. Was Giving a Remote Speech at the Branch Venue


Zheng Jian, general manager of Shandong Duolun Vehicle Inspection Holding Co., Ltd. reviewed the work of 2020 for all colleagues of Duolun Technology remotely at the branch venue, with the key words of “find”, “control”, “lead”, “build” and “think”. At the same time, he summarized the work plan of 2021 with “management”, “talent”, “service” and “layout”. 



Yuan Li, Vice President of Duolun Technology and General Manager of Duolun Vehicle Inspection


Yuan Li, vice president of Duolun Technology and general manager of Duolun Vehicle Inspection, with the topic of “Start with 2020, Climb in 2021”, introduced the development of Duolun Vehicle Inspection in 2020 in detail and comprehensively, and made a development for 2021 in terms of business objectives, brand building, multi-channel marketing, standardized operation, refined management, accurate investment, enhance construction, information management, intelligent vehicle inspection, talent training, team building, etc. The video of New Year’s greetings from the vehicle inspection stations across the country was played at the conference which drew loud applause from the audience. 



Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology


During the meeting, Mr. Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology, delivered an speech, pointing out that the development of the four major sectors during the 13th Five-Year Plan has laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive implementation of the “People, Vehicles and Roads” strategy in period of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Now “accelerating the transformation of the enterprise and cultivating staff having both ability and political integrity” is the purpose that needs to be engraved in every stage of the enterprise’s development. During the speech, Mr. Zhang quoted the simple but profound words of the Peoples Daily to all entrepreneurs.


At last, Mr. Zhang delivered the philosophy “bear challenges in mind and work steadily for far-reaching” to all people working at Duolun Technology. He hoped that everyone should always make learning a habit and pursue advancement.






At the end of the conference, the senior executives of the company jointly presented awards to the advanced group, outstanding individuals and the model station manager. The power of these models touched every audience. After that, the outstanding individuals shared their working experience to the guests.




In the changing ear, the only thing remains unchanged is to change. In the future, Duolun Technology will stick to scientific research and innovation, enhance the quality of its products, cultivate staff to have both ability and political integrity, and improve its services. 2021 is a year to forge ahead with our mission in heart. It is a year to bear challenges in mind and work steadily for far-reaching.

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