Duolun Technology and the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology Join Forces to Usher in a New Era of Intelligent Traffic Signal Lights at Ezhou Huahu Airport-多伦科技
Duolun Technology and the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology Join Forces to Usher in a New Era of Intelligent Traffic Signal Lights at Ezhou Huahu Airport

Recently, the apron north vertical taxiway traffic signal lights (hereinafter referred to as “apron intelligent traffic signal lights”) jointly developed by Duolun Technology and the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology were officially put into use at Ezhou Huahu Airport, Hubei Province. This signifies the successful application of the new generation of information technology, which Duolun Technology has accumulated over the years in the field of smart industries, in the airport scenario.


Smart Apron for Efficient Airports


Ezhou Huahu Airport, located in the Echeng District, Ezhou City, Hubei Province, is a 4E-level international airport, an international aviation logistics port, and the first professional cargo hub airport in Asia. It officially commenced operations on July 17, 2022. In August 2023, Ezhou Huahu Airport adopted the “dual-runway operation” mode and completed the transition of its cargo routes on September 5. Currently, the airport handles over 86 nighttime takeoffs and landings, with the total number of daily passenger and cargo flights exceeding 100. 




As the volume of flight operations grows, the demand for vehicle traffic on the apron north vertical taxiway traffic has also increased. To avoid conflicts between vehicles and aircraft operations, the apron intelligent traffic signal lights, jointly developed by the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology, Duolun Technology and Ezhou Huahu Airport, were officially launched in August 2023. Since then, they have not only effectively reduced operational risks on the apron but also significantly enhanced the safety and efficiency of ground operations at the airport.


Technological Empowerment for Safety and Efficiency




The apron intelligent traffic signal lights utilize various sensing technologies, such as radar, AI video recognition, cloud data fusion, and edge computing, to perform real-time calculations and integrated analysis of comprehensive air traffic information, route information, flight dynamics, and entry/exit status within the air traffic control system. This enables intelligent control and fine management of traffic at critical areas of the airport. It effectively regulates and ensures the smooth flow of vehicles, avoiding operational conflicts caused by long waiting times or blind passages.


In addition to intelligent traffic signal lights, Duolun Technology has leveraged its years of technical expertise in smart cities and smart transport to create a complete smart airport safety management system. This system includes the airport emergency management system, apron signal light control system, airport safety management system, and airport digital twin system. Apart from Ezhou Huahu Airport, some of these systems will soon be implemented at other airports such as Zunyi Maotai Airport in Guizhou Province, and Zhuhai Jinwan Airport.


Smart Management for Improved Efficiency


In the future, Duolun Technology will continue to collaborate with Ezhou Huahu Airport to carry out system testing of the apron intelligent traffic signal lights and employ technological means to empower airport operations management and safety control. By applying cutting-edge next-generation information technology to the practical operation scenarios of airports, it aims to enhance airport transportation efficiency and safety management from multiple dimensions. This effort will contribute to the continued strengthening of safety foundations and the establishment of competitive first-class airports at various aviation hubs.

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