In celebration of the 12th National Traffic Safety Day, Let the Lights of Red, Yellow, and Green Illuminate Pu’an County and Bring Warmth to Everyone-多伦科技
In celebration of the 12th National Traffic Safety Day, Let the Lights of Red, Yellow, and Green Illuminate Pu’an County and Bring Warmth to Everyone

On December 2, 2023, the 12th “National Traffic Safety Day” was commemorated under the theme of “Civilized Traffic, We Travel Together”. As a companion in the field of road traffic safety, Duolun Technology actively responded to the call of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security by preparing a “gift” for the 12th “National Traffic Safety Day” in Pu’an County, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province.




With unwavering commitment, let the seed of traffic safety take root and sprout


Guided by the Road Traffic Safety Research Center of the Ministry of Public Security, on August 31, 2023, a special event titled “Traffic Safety Entering Schools for the ‘First Lesson’ of the Autumn Semester and ‘Beautiful Countryside Tour’ Mobile Lecture Campaign” was held at Longxi Shiyan Primary School in Pu’an County, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province.



Duolun Technology donated two sets of road traffic safety signal lights and accompanying facilities to Pu’an County. Additionally, they delivered an engaging “Traffic Safety First Lesson” to over 60,000 teachers and students in Pu’an County, allowing the seed of traffic safety to take root and sprout in their hearts.




Moreover, Duolun Technology firmly believes that nurturing the seed of traffic safety in the hearts of children can not only enhance their awareness of traffic safety and improve their self-protection skills, but also can effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents from occurring.


Through collaborative efforts, the colors of red, green, and yellow illuminate the border town




After the donation ceremony, in order to promptly optimize the traffic flow in the urban area of Pu’an County and ensure safe and orderly pedestrian movement, Duolun Technology, in collaboration with the Traffic Police Brigade of Pu’an County Public Security Bureau, worked under the leadership of the Road Traffic Safety Research Center of the Ministry of Public Security. After conducting preliminary research, on-site surveys, meetings, and expert reviews, it was jointly decided to install the donated two sets of road traffic safety signal lights and their related facilities at the intersection of Shiwujian Cangku and the intersection of Laodongjie Square.




Shiwujian Cangku, situated on the eastern side of Pu’an County along Pu’anhong Avenue, serves as a vital crossroads for vehicles entering and exiting the county. It acts as a convergence point for traffic from the east, west, south, and north, resulting in a complex traffic environment. This intersection faces three peak periods each day morning, midday, and evening, coinciding with work commutes and student transportation for school. With a daily traffic volume of approximately 5,400 vehicles, it caters to a student population of 1,906 and 85 teachers. Prior to the installation of signal lights, this intersection endured significant traffic pressure.



Intersection of Shiwujian Cangku



Installation Site



Intersection of Laodonglu Square


The traffic police of Pu’an County and technicians from Duolun Technology actively participated in the installation process and provided technical guidance. After the initial debugging, the traffic signal lights installed at the intersection of Shiwujian Cangku were officially put into operation at 19:00, November 21. The installation of the traffic signal lights at the intersection of Laodongjie Square is currently underway and is expected to be operational in the near future.




“The installation of traffic signal lights really makes a difference. Both children and adults can see it clearly, even the elderly can see it. It's so convenient for everyone, and it’s much safer,” said Ms. Zhang, a resident of Pu’an County.“Red means stop, green means go, and when the yellow light appears, wait a moment.” The twinkling starlight not only makes people’s travel more convenient but also ensures orderly traffic flow in the small town.




Together promote civilized transportation, warming society with kindness and care





Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to injuries in traffic accidents, making it crucial to educate them about road safety rules and provide safety education during their formative years. The key to road traffic safety lies in educating and instilling traffic safety awareness in children and adolescents, as their understanding and behavior can influence the entire family’s awareness and actions regarding traffic safety.


“Civilized transportation, together we journey.” This slogan serves as a call to action and an initiative, urging all sectors of society to collaborate in building a culture of civilized transportation. It represents our shared goal and vision for a society where everyone can enjoy the benefits of the traffic civilization. Duolun Technology is committed to continuously monitoring and contributing to the development of road traffic safety in Pu’an County, making valuable contributions to its development.


In order to enhance the traffic safety awareness of all participants and educate children on safe, lawful, and civilized travel, in the future, Duolun Technology will engage more social forces in the promotion and education of traffic safety for children and adolescents, protect the safety of children on their way to school and work collaboratively to build a safer and more civilized traffic travel environment.

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