Celebrating the 20th CPC National Congress | Duolun Technology Obtains a Patent for Invention of Public Transport Priority in Smart Cities-多伦科技
Celebrating the 20th CPC National Congress | Duolun Technology Obtains a Patent for Invention of Public Transport Priority in Smart Cities

The Report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) underlines building national strength in transportation and says, We should build a modern industrial system. In pursuing economic growth, we must continue to focus on the real economy. We will advance new industrialization and move faster to boost Chinas strength in manufacturing, product quality, aerospace, transportation, cyberspace and digital development. However, against the background of mobile Internet, the smart transportation based on technological innovation will help to implement and realize the Program of Building National Strength in Transportation.


The root cause of urban traffic congestion, as one of the pain points that hamper the building of national strength in transportation, is the transformation of urban transportation structure and the imbalance between supply and demand in the urban transportation system caused by rapid urbanization and motorization of travel. More efforts are required to improve public transport services and create a "city of smooth public transport", according to the consensus among experts. 

Public transport priority underpinned by technological innovation 




Recently, "A Method, Apparatus and Electronic Device for Public Transport Priority Control Based on Waiting Factor" declared by Duolun Technology was awarded a national invention patent. This patent solves the problem that multiple vehicles in need of priority passage arrive at the same time, but the limited priority passage time cannot be reasonably allocated. It also reduces the situation that vehicles in urgent need of passage cannot obtain priority passage in time, and reflects the public transport priority idea and improves public transport priority performance through public transport priority signal control.



What's more, public transport priority signal control is a reasonable and effective measure to improve the quality and effectiveness of public transport vehicle operations, especially after giving priority to high-capacity public transport vehicles, which can reduce per capita delays at intersections, improve service at intersections, and help attract more passenger traffic.


Smart transportation support building national strength in transportation



Public Transport Priority Project in Jiangning District, Nanjing


This invention has been implemented in many provinces and cities in China, and has played an important role in public security transportation management around the country, which not only enhances precise transportation control and streamlined road management, but also improves the travel experience of residents.


In recent years, Duolun Technology has given full play to its advantages in technology innovation and stepped up efforts to implement the public transport priority development strategy and promote the transformation and upgrading of the smart city industry, thus contributing to the digitization, networking and intelligence of transportation and the advancement of the road traffic safety industry.



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