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Duolun Technology: A Leader in China’s Smart Driving Test Industry
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Duolun Technology was established in December 1995 with a registered capital of RMB 627.09 million. It is a national high-tech enterprise that provides overall solutions and operation and maintenance services for motor vehicle driver training and testing and the urban smart traffic industry. Duolun Technology is a board member of the Road Traffic Safety Association of China and participated in the drafting of 11 national and industry standards. Based on Duolun sub-station of post-doctoral workstations, the company established Jiangsu Intelligent Driver Training and Testing System Engineering Research Center, providing strong support for its continuous rapid development and technological innovation. In 2013, it was designated as Research and Demonstration Base of Motor Vehicle Driving Test by Research Institute for Road Safety of MPS. At present, the company owns 70% of the market share, covering nearly 400 cities in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities included) across China. In May 2016, Duolun Technology Corporation Ltd. was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Breaking Ice with Innovation, a Traditional Industry Meets a Second Spring

In 1995, Chairman Zhang Anqiang incorporated Nanjing Duolun Technology Co., Ltd. and started to build his business empire. Back then, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the number of private cars grew significantly, which stimulated the market demand for driver training and testing services. As a result, traffic authorities were troubled about how to promote scientific, fair and efficient driving tests.

Duolun Technology took the challenge as an opportunity and developed an infrared yard driving test system under the leadership of Chairman Zhang. The infrared yard driving test system is computer aided and fully automated. It adopts fast wavelet-based clustering algorithm for vehicle video signal detection, which replaces human judges in the tests and greatly improves assessment accuracy. Mr. Zhang also led the company in independently developing an electronic test system, the first version of the driving test software-RET--2000. The use of infrared yard driving test system and electronic driving test system greatly improved exam efficiency. And the yard driving test system was widely welcomed among examinees due to its fairness and impartiality. Consequently, Duolun Technology quickly seized the market.

In the past, all driving tests require human judges. But now, after electronic upgrading, the testing facilities, equipped with high-tech devices provided by Duolun Technology along with digital modeling capability, offer automatic, standardized and efficient assessment with centimeter-level accuracy. The assessment carries several advantages: first, it unifies assessment standards; second, it enables fairer and more impartial exams by reducing human subjectivity; third, it improves the efficiency of driving tests: in the past, every test vehicle needed one judge for the test, now equipped with Duolun's system, one judge can supervise multiple test vehicles remotely in real time.

Through unremitting efforts, Duolun Technology now owns over 60% of China’s driving test market, and nearly 90% in certain provinces. In addition, based on strong research and development capability, excellent product quality, and perfect after-sales service system, Duolun has become a leader in China’s smart driving test industry.

Internet+, a Revolutionary Business Model

From 1990 to 2017, China's economy ran on the fast track, and the driver training industry went through significant changes. Driving expands from a requirement of professional drivers to a skill needed among common people. The management team of Duolun Technology deeply understands that "people-oriented", "aptitude-based teaching" and "high efficiency and intelligence" are the new trend of the driver training industry. Chinese enterprises have entered a stage of highly automated and highly information-based management, yet the driver training industry still trails behind, applying pure manual labor and poorly informationized human-governed management system. Such low-tech, high-cost and inefficient training providing poor training experience is unable to meet market demands. Duolun Technology, which has been deeply involved in the driver training industry for many years, leverages technological strength to upgrade and transform the driver training industry and facilitates the orderly development of the field.

Based on online cloud platform management system and offline smart training system (smart driving simulator and robot instructor), Duolun Technology has created a new fully intelligent training system. By using the Internet technology, cloud technology, and artificial intelligence, the company has established a national driver training ecosystem to achieve information sharing, benefit sharing and technology sharing. Duolun Technology will help driver training institutions upgrade traditional management models to informationized management models; from traditional training models to AI-based training models; and from traditional standard services to customized services.

After years of technology buildup, Duolun Technology has acquired significant R&D strength, and received support from the capital market by listing. In the era of sharing economy, Duolun Technology has created a new business cooperation model. The company has invested in and constructed SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms and smart training systems for driver training institutions across the country. The model generates revenue for Duolun from operation and services, and helps driver training institutions achieve smart rapid development at low cost, which secures win-win cooperation between the two parties. In addition, the construction of the driver training ecosystem will produce a large amount of driver training data for Duolun Technology, and lay a solid foundation for the development of the industry in the coming big data-based driver training era.

Valuing R&D and Leading Development with Innovation

As a member of the software industry, Duolun Technology attaches great importance to investment in research and development. Many factors such as intensifying market competition, the pattern product life cycles, changes in consumer demand, and technological development stipulate that companies value the importance of research and development work. Duolun Technology invested a growing proportion of revenue in R&D over the years, from 2% in 2014 to 11.34% in 2017. In the future, the company will provide even more R&D support for its employees.

Looking back at the company’s business track record, every turn Duolun Technology took was based on the management team’s sharp insight into the trend and the market, which produced adequate channels and resources for its next transformation. By continuously tapping into innovation, the company is pioneering the smart driver training and testing industry. From introducing overseas advanced driving simulation technology in the early days, to entering into the field of traffic facilities and developing traffic signal control systems, infrared yard driving test systems and electronic test systems, to the current smart machine vision-based driving test systems and cloud driver training platform, Duolun Technology has grasped every technological trend accurately and perceived user needs sharply. Empowered by such capability and deepening efforts, the company has maintained its superiority in the industry, leading every technological wave through innovation.

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