Duolun Internet Technology Co., Ltd.-多伦科技
Duolun Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
Duolun Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

Based on industry-leading cloud computing, big data, virtual simulation, high-precision positioning and other cutting-edge technologies, Duolun Internet independently develops online cloud platforms as service management systems and offline intelligent driver training systems. The company strives to create a new AI-aided driver training model, and is committed to providing intelligent, efficient, easy and convenient driver training services for every trainee, coach, and driver training institution. At present, Duolun Internet business covers 24 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities included) across China. 

The company is fully engaged in the driver training industry, and insists on continuous pursuit of need-oriented innovation. It is committed to creating value for its customers by providing competitive, excellent and satisfactory products, services and solutions featured by outstanding safety and reliability.

Our Mission

Empower customers, support the industry, and build the first line of defense for traffic safety with technology

Empower customers—AI-aided driver training system, dedicated to customer satisfaction and success.

Support the industry—driven by technological innovation, build a new industry ecosystem, and facilitate all-round industrial transformation

Traffic safety—train qualified drivers, build the first line of defense for traffic safety, and contribute to national traffic safety.

Our Vision

Provide customers with full-stack driver training services!






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